Screed Crete™

A Coating For EPS Architectural Foam


SCREED CRETE :  A protective coating formulated for machine screed and spray application, which will protect EPS architectural foam from the elements.


OFFERS :      

·        Easy Screed In All Atmospheric Conditions

·        Screed Crete™ Will Retain It’s Viscosity And Flow Rate In All Weather Conditions

·        Extreme Flexibility

·        Exterior/Interior Use Application

·        Impact Resistant

·        Bonds Extremely Well To Most Substrates

·        Applied Up To ¼” Thick With One Application

·        Screed Crete™ Will Not Shrink Crack

·        Sprayable

·        Tintable To Color Selections

·        Paintable Using Quality Acrylic Latex Paints

·        Resists Water

       Best Of All – Lowest Cost In The Industry Compared To Other Quality Products !


Packaging: Screed Crete™ Coat is packaged in 41 lb. bags and the Screed Crete™ Bonding Resin is made available in 6-gallon pail containers. Each pail will modify eight (8) bags of Screed Crete™ Coat material.

Mixing: When mixing to combine the products it will require 3 quarts of the bonding polymer resin – plus adding 58 ounces of water (i.e., 2 quarts minus 6 ounces).

Application: When properly mixed the product will flow test at one to two seconds. (Note: This product will work with all screed coat machines.)


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