Styrocrete - Coatings for EPS Styrofoam

StyroCrete™ - StyroCrete is a specially formulated, high strength cement and polymer additive coating mix designed to be used as a hard or semi-hard shell for expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) architectural design shapes and building trim. Typical applications include interior and exterior retrofit architectural and building components (i.e. crown moldings, columns, bandings, cornices, balusters, bannisters, window arches, and door trim), signs, theater stage props, movie props, trade show displays, landscape molds, foam letters, etc. We are the nations' largest supplier of EPS Foam coatings, and ship our products worldwide

High Strength EPS Coating - Styrocrete polymer cement mix is designed to be used with Styrocrete Polymer Concentrate as a coating over Polystyrene (EPS) foam trim molding, letters, or panels interior or exterior. Styrocrete will increase the integiry and add strength and durability to the surface of any Styrofoam shape. The Styrocrete mix may be internally colored using the Marbelite Tint Kit or may be painted after complete drying.

Applying Styrocrete EPS Coating - Styrocrete may be applied with either a drywall type texturing hopper gun, or Grayco RTX Series spray outfit available from Marbelite. Styrocrete will bond to Urea coatings when Mar-Flex Elastomeric Bonding Additive (available from Marbelite) is used as a primer.

Styrocrete Features

  • Decorative trim
  • Crown Moulding
  • Decorative Columns
  • Ballistrades
  • Trim moulding
  • Interior or Exterior Signs
  • Red Brick Renovations
  • Coralizing Styrofoam Shapes
  • Corporate Logos & insignias
  • Styrofoam Decorative Garden items
  • Faux concrete decorative walls
  • Any EPS Styrofoam shape at all

Styrocrete Info

  • Hard textured surface
  • Hand trowel or hopper gun spray
  • Tinted or paintable
  • Use with mesh or without
  • Exterior or interior use
  • Hard in several hours
  • Spray will conform to any shape
  • Will not run/sag when rectly applied
  • Excellent hardness 30 day cure
  • Can be sprayed rough "sand finish"
  • Can simulate a "coral stone" look
  • Easily create a knockdown pattern
  • Screed with Marbelite machines

How to Apply Styrocrete over EPS Styrofoam

StyroCrete can be easily applied with a drywall texturing hopper gun for interior or exterior surface applications. We also stock spray pumps for larger production jobs. StyroCrete will bond directly to polystyrene (EPS) foam shapes and architectural components which have been generally produced using hot wire EPS foam cutters. While we do not sell the styrofoam or the hot wire foam cutting equipment ourselves, we have developed relationships and can refer you to solid reliable suppliers to provide a turnkey solution to your decorative EPS requirements.

Additional Styrocrete Applications

  • Spray on walls for a variety of textures-knock down, bubble coat, or finer sand finish
  • Trowel on walls for a stucco finish
  • Spray "Knock Down" skip trowel for concrete pool decks and patios
  • Simulated landscape rock
  • Restore existing precast architecture forms and structures
  • May be painted with Stain Seal 500 or any good quality exterior paint
  • May be tinted on the job with the Marbelite Tint Kit

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